Thursday, November 3, 2011


Every fall, I'm like a child in the grocery aisles. 

Eyes wide with excitement, craning my neck to and fro, looking for that green with red accents carton that ushers in a new Holiday season with it's creamy, nutmeg infused, I'm-going-to-need-new-pants-calorie-count,  liquidy goodness.

Yes, I am talking about egg nog.

I LOVE the stuff. I can't get enough of it. When I discovered soy nog, GAME OVER. All of the taste, none of the fat lag? COUNT ME IN!

However, nothing compares to Wawa's Egg Nog. I don't know what they put in it (soylent green? God's tears? Boat nectar?) but it is awesome. So after returning my lovely PJ's sign to my former employer, I stop in my local Wawa to buy some Milk Duds, for that is what I was craving. I wasn't even looking for nog when I spotted a pint-sized bottle for $.99. I quickly ran back to my car, scrounged up another dollar and bought my holiday crack.

Not even in my car do I crack open the bottle and chug a huge swig of it in the parking lot. I must have looked a sight...well, I REALLY must have, for some woman comes at me telling me all the horrible dangers of egg nog to an unborn baby. For the record, yes I am pregnant and no, this is not my first rodeo, so her reaction and 'facts' confused me a bit. I have swigged egg nog with all 3 of my children, and none of them seem to be damaged in anyway, shape or form (besides being related to me :P). I look at her and ask her why is it 'dangerous'? She stops, thinks for a moment, and then says 'I don't know.' like she had never asked or questioned its validity! I say thank you for the advice, hop in my car and drive off. Don't get me wrong, I drank the nog on the way home, but in a parking lot with a manual, it's kinda hard to drink, shift and pay attention to the road all at once.

Now, she was an older woman, so her point was valid because back in the days before pasteurized eggs and store nog (for all you young bucks out there), people made it with raw eggs. Pregnant or not, THAT'S GROSS and unsafe. STORE nog is made with pasteurized eggs and ingredients, so it is a-ok. So is cider that's pasteurized. You would think in 2011, people would validate this info with...oh, I don't know...this magical thing called the INTERNET. Srsly, I still have family that believes you can get a cockroach egg in your lip from envelopes. I need to get out of this state...

Either way, I'm still gonna chug my nog.

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